Portal 2

One of my favorite games
ever. It means a lot to me,
and is what gave me
the confidence to pursue
Computer Science and
Video Game Development.
It's a part of me,
and I can't imagine a
life without this game.
And also introduced me
to my soulmate Wheatley.
Never getting rid of him now!

Moon Remix RPG

A cool and weird game
I've fallen in love with.
It has a unique art style,
and a story I want to hear.
It's unconventional and
makes me appreciate huge,
zany casts even more.
This is a game that changed
me, at least a little bit.
Open the door with
all your love.


The tale of a knight who
forged his resume. I love it!
The dark humor, the aesthetic,
and of course, lovable Dan.
He's one of my favorite
characters ever, and I
consider him one of my muses.
Skeleton Knight that's funny
and also has a lot of
potential. How can he NOT be!?

Gurren Lagann

If I had to pick one anime as
the best, it would
be this one. It has
action, robots, shouting,
and a story that has me
keep coming back to hear it
again and again. The sky
isn't the limit, and humanity
will take the smallest chance
for our dreams. It makes me
never want to give up either.
Row row fight tha powah!

The Promised

The manga that made me
obsessed with masterminds and
convoluted plans/plots.
Norman is my favorite
character, and I heavily
relate to him. It feels nice
to have a character you
can look at and think
"we're one in the same".
This has always been a
comforting media to me.


An anime made for lonely kids.
It's a pretty zany and unusual,
but it has its intense and
emotional moments too. WebMD
what do when robot come out
my head? My first watch
had me pretty distracted
doing late minute work, but
whenever I look at it again...
I get Naota. I really do.

Fun Stuff I Own:

Portal 2:

- PS3 copy of Portal 2
- 2 Wheatley Keychains + Pin (by cozylittleartshoppe @ etsy)
- Portal 2 Postcard + Small Booklet (by Vy Nguyen)

Moon Remix RPG:

- Nintendo Switch copy of Moon Remix RPG


- Medievil 1 & Medievil 2 Official Strategy Guides
- PS1 copy of Medievil 1 and Medievil 2
- PS4 copy of Medievil 1
- Sir Daniel Fortesque Funko Pop
- Medievil: Fate's Arrow physical comic
- Digital PS5 copy of Medievil Ressurrection

Gurren Lagann:

- Gurren Lagann Archive book
- Groundwork of Gurren Lagann Volume 2
- Simon & Kamina Popup Parade Figures

The Promised Neverland:

- The Promised Neverland Manga Volumes 1-20
- Kaiu Shirai x Posuka Demizu: Beyond The Promised Neverland
- Emma Super Premium Figure
- Tip'n Pop Norman Figure
- Norman Nendoroid


- The FLCL Archives book
- FLCL Omnibus
- FLCL The Complete Series on Bluray
- FLCL OST on Vinyl: Volumes 2 & 3

The Dream Machine

I'm so incredibly lucky I got
to play this. I found out
that the first two chapter of
this game were free (for a bit).
and downloaded just for the
heck of it. Inside was a game
full of insane talent, and one
of my favorite arcs in a
protagonist ever. The ending is
somber, but it's still
very great.

Lies of P

Baby's First Soulslike game!
I'll be totally real with you
I only got it because P is hot.
Seriously. But because I love P,
I feel much more determined to
get past obstacles in-game. I'm
not used to death being a
necessary part of progress, but
it's a great learning

Mario & Luigi
Partners in Time

My first ever RPG, and my
favorite Mario & Luigi game.
I know plenty of people
rag on it, but I honestly
think it's the best one.
I haven't finished the game.
But I'll get there one day.
This game is like a baton
pass across a hundred
different selves.

System Shock

I am insane about this game.
I would have put it in Favorite
Media if I had any merch, but
unfortunately, I don't. This
game has helped me stay
sane sometimes, with the
carnage and wires. I'm
obsessed with the first
and second installment.
It's another game I can't stop
coming back to.


This is the first FPS I ever
gave a shot. I don't really
remember why, but I know it's
my brother's favorite game
ever. That's the real reason
I like it so much, even if
I also find its themes and
story cool too. I think my
favorite is Bioshock 1,
and that's just cuz it has
the most stuff I like.
They're all uniquely good!

The Cat Lady

The Cat lady is an incredibly
powerful game, full of grunge,
horror, and a great soundtrack.
I really love the songs, and
they're just my kind of style.
The best ending takes effort,
and Chapter 3 has stuck with me.
We made it through the night
together, Susan. Even when
you feel so alone, there's
something to hold your hand.

More Games I Own:

- Half-Life Series
- Yo-kai Watch Series
- Don't Starve
- Amnesia: The Dark Descent
- Psychonauts 1 & 2
- The Stanley Parable
- Tomodachi Life
- Miitopia
- Sanitarium
- Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
- Pokemon Black
- Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask
- Yuppie Psycho
- Dead Space
- Pikmin 4

The Umbrella Academy

One of the many medias that
changed my life! I will be
honest, I watched the show
first, but I love them both.
The dark humor falls right
in line with me, and Five's
various periods of butchery
were a delight. It also
made me really realize my
connection with masculinity,
in some mysterious way.

The Sandman

An experience you won't get
anywhere else. I honestly can't
think of a comic that does it
like The Sandman. I have a few
favorite issues, but what hooked
me on it was 24 Hours. It's
the issue that tests if you'll
really stick around or not.
My favorite characters are
Cain and Abel + Mervyn!

I Am the Messenger

The only book I actually read
from my Highschool's library.
I picked it up because of
this specific cover, and I
I closed it with a new
perspective on my life. The
last line stuck with me, and I
hope to buy a copy with this
specific cover one day.
It's unique and I love it.

Don Quixote

Hispanic Literature's most
iconic entry. I haven't finished
the damn thing, but I'm still
putting it up here. It's a
parody of tales about knights,
and the protagonist is a
nutcase who read one too many
of them. Sometimes I feel
PRETTY bad for Don Quixote,
but it's also funny. I like
how it acts as a satire.

Scoob and Shag

This is an edgelord cartoon
fan's sweetest dream. I am that
fan. Scoob and Shag is like
horror and action anime spliced
together, along with your
favorite cartoon characters let
loose in a cutthroat world.
Everyone is on the table! Which is
a lot deadlier than you think.

More Books and Comics I Like:

- Invader Zim Comics
- Archie Comics
- Vampironica
- The Alchemist
- Battle Royale
- ...I have to get back to reading more often.

Fun Stuff I Own:

- Lupin the Third [Part 5] Goemon Ishikawa Creator x Creator Figure (Black & White)
- Mami Tomoe Relax Time Figure (Awake Ver)
- Madoka Magica 10th Anniversary: Serenus Couture Madoka Kaname Figure
- Madoka Magica x Monogatari Crossover Homura Akemi Figure
- Figuarts Mini Homura Akemi Figure
- Homura Akemi Figure (who knows which one...)
- Magiccraft Kyoko Sakura Figure
- Gothic Holiday Rei Ayanami Figure
- Osomatsu & Ichimatsu Matsuno Hot Spring Noodle Stopper Figures

Smiskis and Me:

Smiskis are little guys who hang out in your home, and I find a great comfort in them. They're so simple, and yet they do their best at whatever goal they have in front of them. I really love how they look, and I can relate to their very specific vibe. Frequently I find myself feeling exactly how they look, whatever that means. It's like how Pikmin have their little tasks and Dandori. I think Smiskis remind me of Dandori very much. I also really like how they all have their own little personalities. All Smiskis featured here are in my home!

Hunting High
and Low

This is where my site name
comes from! a-ha as a whole
has helped me keep going,
but this is the album that
introduced me to them. If
I had to listen to one
album for the rest of my
life, it's this one.

Raoul and The
Kings of Spain

The Spanish influences and
calm yet impactful sounds for
this album really struck
a chord with me. I've
listened to nearly every song
on this album on repeat.
Critics hated it apparently,
which just goes to show
critics are lame as fuck.

Hot Fuss

The album that reminds me
of highschool... Mostly just
the bus rides, honestly. Hot
Fuss holds a special place
in my heart regardless. It's
what made me realize albums
are worth listening to in
their entirety. On Top
is one of my favorite songs
from this album.

Images and Words

I started listening to this album
because I wanted to confidently
say I listened to metal. I am now
a changed man. Learning to Live
has to be one of the best songs
ever, and when times get tough, I
usually start to play it. Only
one song is under 4 minutes long,
and I like it that way.


Genuinely, this album is why
I primarily listen to this
music now. And yes, I did
do it because the album is
titled Pornography.
You are literally insane
if you WOULDN'T check out
an album tilted that. I will
always be grateful to my
musical companion Porno for
making me listen to The Cure.

Obtained CDs:

- a-ha: Hunting High and Low
- Tears for Fears: Raoul and The Kings of Spain
- Dream Theater: Images and Words
- Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory
- 3 Doors Down: The Greatest Hits
- The Cure: Wish
- Evanescence: Fallen
- Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
- Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

More Albums I Like:

- Pierce the Veil: Selfish Machines
- Daft Punk: Random Access Memories
- Babasónicos: Infame
- HIM: Venus Doom
- The Offspring: Days Go By
- Pierce the Veil: A Flair For The Dramatic
- Rise Against: Appeal to Reason
- Tiamat: Prey
- Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History
- The Killers: Imploding the Mirage
- TRIBE: Abort
- The Cranberries: Bury The Hatchet