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Welcome to the Graveyard!

My name is Five, and I run this place. I'm real new to having my own website, but it's really really exciting! This website was made with Firefox and a 1920 x 1080 screen in mind, definitely not suited for mobile use.

This is just a place for me to post about things of a wide variety: my thoughts, my writing, maybe even some of my art... I make each and every page have its own theme because I love so many things too much to restrict it to a shrine. I want to surround myself with things I love!

Thank you for visiting. I really appreciate you stopping by! Come back soon. This is a constant WIP, and I'm always learning, always trying something new.






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Hell Frozen Rain

"In your mind's eye, lies a memory Hard to find, blinded by pain..."

"A Knight in Search of His Legend"

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Update Log

I've realized how one of these can be helpful. It helps you (the visitor) know what's new and where to drop by! Worry not, simply look down below! My list will be prettier in due time.

[2/28/24] And here I thought I'd be back with a Webmaster page. No dice just yet, still figuring out how that should look. I updated all pages to not be exploding, though! And a new fanlisting I'm in! It was pretty hard with my busted wrist joint, but I didn't want to put this off.

[2/16/24] Updated the Collections page! It's done for the most part now, and any further updates to it are gonna be pretty minor. My favorite part is the Smiski collection!

[2/6/24] New page is up, and the homepage is looking a little new! Like here! This box is new! Go check out the recently added Collections page!

[1/12/24] The day I made this website! I'm logging this a little late, but I don't wanna forget my site's birthday.

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